Our training days are designed to cover meeting the needs of people experiencing emotional distress, doing so in a way that reflects a particular way of working. A way that explores and builds on people’s strengths and existing knowledge, and provides them with outcomes that are meaningful and specific to them. A way that has listening, respect,empathy and compassion at its foundation.


The areas we cover include;

Working with Voices
Mental Health Awareness
Understanding Self Injury
Helping people in Cluttered Homes
Mental Health in the Workplace
Emotional Wellbing in the 21st Century

Our training can qualify as part of people’s Continuing Professional Development and certificates of attendance are provided to verify completion of the training.  In addition to the training we advertise, we also construct bespoke training days and packages to meet specific needs, contact us for more  detailed information.

Our training is co-ordinated and led by Matthew Morris. Matthew has worked with people experiencing emotional distress for 30 years, within the NHS, Voluntary Sector and now with Stepping Stones. His vision is to put collaborative learning at the heart of the work we all do with people. With the belief that if people can build and sustain relationships within which they feel safe to be curious and creative, change is not only possible but inevitable.”