James - started his tenancy on 27th February 2012, although he should have been with us a year earlier, if things had gone to plan.

Service User 3 had always lived with his Mum until she died in 1988, which was when he started getting into trouble with the Police, ending up in the Norvic. He became unwell in 1990 and has been in and out of supported housing and psychiatric institutions ever since.

He was in a project in Woodbridge for 3 years, which he liked, but was told that it was too isolating, so he was moved to a similar project in Ipswich, where he stayed for 2 years. In between times, he has had several admissions to St Clements Hospital, which he said he didn’t mind as he liked the social side of being on the wards.

For the last 3 years, he has been a patient in St Clare House, a Psychiatric Unit in Essex, which he didn’t like at all as it was very restrictive. He wasn’t allowed out unless someone was with him and then when he lost his temper because of wanting to go out alone, they stopped him going out at all. Now he is settling in his room at one of our housing projects in Ipswich, where he enjoys cooking and listening to music – U2 and Manic Street Preachers , to name but a few of his favourite artists. Service User 3 has indicated that he wants to change the décor in his room, so will go with support staff to choose colours then help staff do the painting.

He says that the staff here are ‘alright and are helping get his benefits sorted’. He does his own washing, but the project employs staff to do the cleaning, including tenants’ own rooms.

He can see himself moving into his own flat when he feels ready to do so.

(Please note that we have changed the name to protect this person's privacy)

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