We provide a range of services in the community designed to help and support people to overcome the problems and challenges that they are experiencing.  We put people at the heart of their recovery; harnessing strengths, hopes, aspirations and past life experiences to help create better futures.


One element of our services is to provide help to people struggling with their emotional wellbeing. We have experienced and qualified staff who are trained specifically to build and sustain relationships that are part of facilitating recovery and resolution of the issues that people feel are holding them back.

Our service is able to provide people with help regarding their personal care and/or treatment that they require to manage and overcome their problems. We also can support people to live more independently in the community as we have access to flats where people can live with our visiting support and assistance.

“Amazing changes and transformations are possible,
if people are able to access the right help for them.”


Cluttered Homes

We are able to help people who have become overwhelmed in their homes to the extent that they need help to sort, clear, reorganise and recycle their possessions and/or clean their homes.

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Mentoring aims to provide support which facilitates success. Mentoring helps student to focus on their strengths, utilising them in a way that enables them to address any issues that they may struggle with.

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We have a number of highly skilled and experienced professionals who offer training tailored to individual needs as well as work experience, a number of specialist workshops, conferences and publications.

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