Everyone needs a ‘ROB’

Everyone needs a ‘Rob’. If everyone had a ‘Rob’ in their lives the world would be a better place, of that I have no doubt.

Our son has Asperger’s and although we had known it for some time we didn’t get a formal diagnosis until he started 6th Form. It was their suggestion as they pointed out that he would need the support if he went to University. Once he started at University he was assessed by the Disabled Student Assessor and was allocated time each week with a Mentor. Thankfully for us the College he attends had dealt with Stepping Stones successfully previously and this is how he was allocated Rob.

The difference it has made to him cannot be measured. Without the support of the College and Rob I don’t think he would have been able to finish his first year, he even lives on Campus for most of the week. Our son has a lot of ‘baggage from being bullied throughout the 5 years of High School and had received counselling support while he was at 6th Form (at a different school). Rob has just been able to apply the right pressure to him so move him onwards and gradually make him more independent.

This is the first time that anyone in our family has ever been to University so there has been so much to learn for us too and Rob has known who to ask and where to go for help. Rob has assured me over the past few months that he has not had a student drop out and that has given me so much confidence that even when Josh has had a rough patch I know he will chat it over with Rob and he will get a sensible, balanced answer.

He has a wonderful manner, not a push over by any means, but Josh takes on board his encouragement and his criticism. He wants to apply what Rob is trying to instill in him as he trust s him; this is also so helpful to us as a family.

It’s not just Josh who has benefited from Rob’s mentoring. He has helped the whole family as a result. He initially met with myself and has since met with Josh’s brother and I get regular emails from him, especially if there is a particular issue. As a family you to try to encourage your children but sometimes it helps to hear things from someone outside and also sometimes we are too close as family to address some of the gritty things ! Looking back over the months we have seen an amazing change in our young man and we are looking forward to further improvement.

He is also helping him with some volunteering over the summer. Rob just seems to understand what makes all of us tick!

Having a Mentor has meant to world to Josh and to us – we are so grateful.

We all need a ‘Rob’.

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