I was a student do a three year film animation course at college. I have Asperger’s and found it difficult communicating with people. I needed help settling into college life and someone suggested I speak to Stepping Stones.


"They were very helpful, I could talk about anything".


I had two mentors, Rob was my first mentor and Joanne helped me with my studies. Rob helped me build my confidence and helped me with speaking and vowels. In conversation, if anyone asks me anything, I pause a lot before responding. This sometimes results in people filling in the gaps or just not bothering to talk to me.


“Both my Stepping Stones mentors were friendly, approachable and reliable.”



My two mentors were very professional, always keeping me informed of changes to our meeting times and assisting me with the college when I got the wrong end of the stick. They are now trying to get me some work experience, which will be very useful in helping me get full-time work within the film industry.
My experience of college was made easier as a result of using Stepping Stones Mentoring. It was good to know I had extra support, people looking out for me and taking away the stress of college life.