About us

Founded in 2010, Stepping Stones Community is the Hub that houses all of the Stepping Stones individual Companies and Services.
Our aim is to deliver help and support for wide range of people, many of whom are struggling with what is happening or has happened in their lives, and also with difficult feelings or unusual experiences.


What is the Stepping Stones Way of Working?

We aim to help people in a way that suits their particular needs and to facilitate opportunities for people to address issues that they find difficult and overwhelming.

The Stepping Stones way of working is to recognise that we all have times in our life when we need help, and that at these times we all need people who are prepared to ask us what is happening and how can they help.

Most of life’s problems challenge our thoughts and feelings and our staff are trained and supported to use empathy and compassion to help people work through and resolve their problems.

We provide our services cost effectively, because we are flexible in the way that we support people, flexible in the way that we manage our staff teams and flexible in the use of and access to accommodation and community facilities.

Supported Housing

Provides a wide range of options for people who need supported living. Gaining new skills, rediscovering old ones, building confidence, feeling safe and then moving on to living as you choose.

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Community Outreach

Delivers a recovery focused service in the community provided by qualified staff, as well as providing mentoring, training and a de-cluttering service for people overwhelmed by their possessions in their homes.

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IT Services

Provides a comprehensive IT and marketing service for the Stepping Stones groups as well as providing a hardware & software development service for external companies.

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